Dairy-free Sugar-free Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream Pops


  • ∞ 2 cans coconut milk (don’t skimp on flavor—opt for the full fat varieties)
  • ∞ 1lb bag of frozen strawberries
  • ∞ 4-6 dates, sliced or diced
  • ∞ 1-1 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
  • ∞ 1/2 cup agave nectar
  • + optional: lemon juice or mint leaves
  • + + blender
  • + + popsicle molds
  • Makes 10-12 cream pops, depending on size of molds

  1. Put coconut milk, strawberries, and dates in blender. Puree until smooth and creamy.
  2. Gradually add agave nectar and vanilla extract to your desired sweetness.
  3. Pour immediately into popsicle molds. Freeze overnight.
  4. Run under warm water to loosen pop from plastic mold.
  5. Enjoy!

Photos via my Instagram account

The Carrie Bradshaw Effect

Though it may seem cliche to my New York readers, I haven’t been able to shake the Carrie Bradshaw style mystique since moving here. Aside from my own fascination with SJP’s character, I love the no-holds-bar kind of attitude she brings to her idea of style. She takes bold risks, she experiments with color and pattern, and she wears things that only could look good because Patricia Fields makes them look good.

One of her most memorable outfits for me is a Dior tee, a midi length colorblocked princess skirt, and a head full of soft ringlets (shown with two other similarly feminine looks). Maybe its because she’s so unapologetically feminine (and I’m the total opposite); Maybe its because I just cant seem to get enough of women with rebellious curls and waves. Who knows. But that one memory influenced an outfit recently and I was surprised by the feeling—emphasis on influenced. Lord knows I will never be that girly.
Top: ASOS top | Bottom: Pieces leather belt from ASOS, Uniqlo pleated skirt | Hat: Urban Outfitters fedora | Wrist: Burberry leather bracelet, vintage watch | Shoes: Sam Edelman ballet flats | Bag: Annabel Ingall clutch


I wore this outfit to a ladies’ lunch date this past week and I couldn’t help but notice how great it felt to rock something a tad out of my element, i.e. ladylike. I’m typically very comfortable in my standard “uniform” of black, white, leather, rock-star-dom, but since I was meeting a girlfriend at her office and then heading to lunch I thought I’d tone it down and make myself a bit more demure.

I would like to point out: Inspiring style aside, SATC as a whole presented awful messaging to women. Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone has said, “destructive messaging for chicks is everywhere. it starts with Disney and continues right on up to Sex and the City, which, in my opinion, ruined New York women; there is nothing more depressing than seeing four supposedly liberated girlfriends tromping down the street in thousands of dollars’ worth of clothes looking like they just spent three hours getting ready to go out and meet men.” Stylistically speaking, the show did offer insight on how to embrace your personal look and let you be you, regardless of nauseating luxury price tags.

Photos via 1, 2

Kelly Cutrone quote via her first book If You Have to Cry Go Outside (pgs. 183-184)

Summer’s Makeup Trend: Bright Pink Lipstick (How-to)

This trend has been around for the past few seasons, and best of all it’s functional now through the Fall. Of the many Summer/Fall beauty trends on display, this is by far the easiest to achieve. Per us, I headed to Sephora to get the low down on how to recreate it. I opted for a true pink variation: not pastel, neon, nor reddish-pink. That way, this post is applicable for readers of all skin tones. To start creating this look, slough off any dry, peeling skin from lips with a warm wash cloth or a toothbrush. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to soften lips and ease cracks. Have a fresh face as your canvas:


The idea of applying a beige pencil to your lips may look a bit ghoul-ish, but it provides the perfect canvas to allow the lipstick to really pop. NOTE: this is actually a long-wearing eye pencil, but my friend at Sephora swears by it for the staying power and I have to agree! If you’d like a toned-down version, skip this step.

  1. Using the eye liner and a steady hand, trace the defining line of your lips, being careful not to veer over onto your skin. Fill in all of your lips with the liner (both top and bottom).
  2. Apply the pink lipstick to your lips, however you normally would. Once your lips are drenched in color, make sure there is not a distinct beige line around your lips–a sign that you didn’t follow your natural lip line or you need to apply more lip stick. Add another coat of color for ultimate saturation.
  3. As your last step, clean up around the edges for any remaining product that may have smeared.


Collaged photos made by me, taken via 1,2