I’m Julia, makeup and skincare obsessed, working in corporate communications by day and diving into all things beauty by night. I especially love helping others gain more confidence so they can look and feel their very best – feel boundlessly beautiful. It’s taken me years to get to this point mentally, and I love sharing tips that helped me get here in hopes that it will help someone else. Graced with annoyingly sensitive skin, I hope to help others improve the relationship with their skin and understand the ingredients wr put on ourselves and in our tummies because sensitive skin shouldn’t dull your shine ✨

I believe that beauty starts from the inside out, and there are a million + 1 ways to make your outside look enviable while you’re still working on the insides – because life is a journey and everything is a work in progress.

What is “Boundless beauty”?

Bb is something you feel when you are in tune with your truest self. It’s a level of self confidence and self certainty that comes with knowing who you are, what you want, and working towards your goals. It may start out as the *omg I found it in my shade* feeling, but I hope that graduates to the *I feel sexy in my own skin* feeling; that feeling when you know someone’s looking and you don’t care why b/c your look is on point. Yeah, that feeling.

Anyone can feel it. I hope to help you get there and stay there b/c everyone should feel like their very best self…or at the very least look it.

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