Outfits to Ring in the New Year

With New Year’s Eve upon us in just a few days, I’m sure you ladies already have your outfits picked out, nails painted, makeup look thought up, and plans set, but just in case you don’t I took the liberty to come up with a few outfit ideas for different potential party venues. No glitz was spared.

Girls Night Out

There’s no better way to spend the evening than with your best gal pals, especially if you’re all dolled up and turning heads! The best way to dress for this? Opt for a bedazzled dress to keep it comfy and simple, read: sequins are a must, but a dress is far easier than a multi-garment outfit. Add in a clutch or crossbody bag that won’t detract from your outfit and you’re ready to ring in the New Year!

Evening Dinner Date

If you’re spending the evening with your S.O. or it’s your third date, you want to make sure to be festive (yes, wear glitz on your date) while still being appropriate for a restaurant setting.There are plenty of ways to incorporate sequins that won’t make your date think you’re a disco ball (see look 2). Whether you opt for trousers, a skirt, or a dress, make sure to not be too revealing (i.e. mind the cleavage and the length of your skirt), bring a cardigan or shawl, and go ahead and wear those new sparkly pumps. You’re not walking the streets, so your comfortable shoes don’t need to make an appearance tonight. Show your date a good time and look cute, it is New Years after all!

Bar Hopping

If you know you will be migrating from location to location on NYE this year, it’s in your best interest to dress warm! When I say warm, I simply mean DO NOT HAVE BARE LEGS; you will hate yourself by bar 3. I suggest opting for an embellished top to have your glitz, and understated bottoms. At bars, no one ever looks at your bottom half—people are too busy cheering, talking, buying drinks, and socializing. So why not be comfy? This includes your shoe choice too. There is no reason to kill yourself in 5inch heels if you’re bar hopping; choose a lower heel or even flats so you won’t need to be “that girl” walking down the sidewalk barefoot, heels in hand. As for your bag of choice: a crossbody will be your best friend. They’re small, lightweight, and since you don’t have to hold it there is no need to fret about putting down your bag somewhere and forgetting it.

Have fun, be safe, drink responsibly (if you’re over 21), and have a Happy New Years everyone!

Holiday Outfits for Every Occasion this Season

With Christmas next week, I thought I’d offer a few outfit suggestions for the multiple occasions many of us have to tend to. I’ve included A Day with Your Family, Meeting His Parents, Plans with Friends, and 3 additional outfits that are applicable to nearly every holiday soiree thrown your way. I want to point something out: yes, a few of the same articles of clothing repeat (even an outfit or two!). No, this was not because I got lazy in my apparel search, I did it with the intention to save you money this holiday season! In fact, every set contains the same exact pair of black patent platform pumps and black small clutch. I wanted to demonstrate to you that the same garment can be worn for different occasions and never look the same twice 🙂

Day with Your Family

Holidays with either side of my family is a fairly casual affair. Normally calling for jeans, cardigans, and flats, or slacks, heels, and a nice top. I tend to like to dress up a bit and follow the mantra “Always overdress rather than under-dress.” 1. The first look is a high-waisted, pleated tartan plaid skirt paired with a white v-neck wrap shirt and a black cardigan tucked into the skirt. Paired with oversized crystal drop earrings offers a more dressed-up look. 2. A simple pairing of black slightly flared dress pants and a maroon/red festive turtleneck offers a comfortable and classic look. Pair with a chic statement necklace to complete your look and black patent pumps to complete your look. 3. The most casual of them all: skinny jeans paired with a contemporary embellished sweater and coordinating statement earrings. Pair with black patent heels for a bit of shine literally from head to toe.

Meeting His Parents

Meeting his parents is always a daunting event. “What if they don’t like me?” is often overshadowed by “What do I wear to make a good impression?” I always recommend keeping your outfit simple to let them know you and not be distracted by your busy top. 1. A simple black knee length dress that is 3/4 sleeves offers enough coverage to be appropriate but adding the waist belt and statement necklace offers a defined silhouette and a bit of sparkle. 2. Yes, this is totally an outfit taken from the first set—it’s just so versatile! 3. Keeping with simplicity, here is a chic pairing of a longer-cut white wrap top belted at the waist and a pair of slightly-flared black pants. Pair with a shiny statement necklace to bring the attention to your face.

Plans with Your Friends

Letting loose with your friends during the holiday season allows for a bit more funky glam options than with your family members. Opting for interesting silhouettes and atypical holiday colors, you’ll be sure to stand out during these holidays. 1. If you’re going to a swanky soiree with your friends this is a unique option to an LBD: your typical mini-dress length with a rounded crew neckline and voluminous sleeves. Keep your look classy with unique over-sized crystal drop earrings and an updo. 2. Instead of opting for your typical red garment for the holiday season why not switching it up a bit with a fuschia top and metallic pants. Choosing a lower-than-usual neckline allows you to really show off an elegant statement necklace. 3. A metallic beaded top paired with coated black jeans offer a sheen-y look with a rocker/boho feel that’s suitable for nearly any venue. This is perfect for drinks out with friends or dinner with the girls.

If all else fails, and you honestly don’t know what to wear, below are 3 simple foolproof outfits. Each is a simple pant/top pairing with a basic black patent pump and simple small black clutch. There is nothing to “get wrong” about pairing a top and a pant in neutral tones with 1 accent color (or no accent at all, see look 3!). The first look offers a white blouse with voluminous sleeves tucked into lipstick red high-waisted wide leg pants. Just be careful not to get your sleeve in any food with this type of blouse! The second look pairs a black peplum top with bronze metallic pants to offer a glitzy-glam girly look. Finally, the third look offers a feminine floral embroidered top with slightly flared black pants. Pair with simple accessories to keep things simple and elegant.

Coat Envy

As temperatures continue to drop I’ve noticed my coat arsenal is lacking quite a bit. There are so many great coat trends this Fall, but with very little shopping budget remaining a girl can only dream. And this girl wants to show you her dreamed up outfits to go with them! Below are 5 of my favorite coat categories for this season: Anorak, Menswear-Inspired, the Statement jacket, Over-sized Lapels, and the mighty Leather Moto jacket. I created each outfit set with my own flair to show you how I’d wear them. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for how you would style them to suit you! Or if you have a question as to why I paired a jacket with what I did, post your comment 🙂



Menswear Inspired

Bold / Statement

Over-sized Lapel

Leather Moto



What’s your coat envy?


Wise Words: Lauren Hutton + NYFW Wrap Up

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” —Lauren Hutton

New York Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday, and what better time to reveal the fashions that caught my eye. Saying that I have a unique taste in clothing is an understatement. I gravitate towards the dark, the utilitarian, the avant garde, the structured, the studded & the spiked. A few of my favorite designers include Jason Wu, Helmut Lang, rag & bone, Prabal Gurung, Victoria Beckham, The Row, Donna Karan, and BCBG–they consistently wow me season after season. After this Spring show, I have a few others to add to my list: Charlotte Ronson, Tess Giberson, Derek Lam, Kimberly Ovitz, and Rachel Comey. Here are my favorite looks for the trends I spotted. [Hover your mouse over the photos to view the designers, Click to see enlarged photos]



High Contrast

LWD’s: Little White Dresses

Personal Picks

For the readers who have a more feminine feel to their style, these are the most feminine looks that I could conjure up within my aesthetic realm:


Chiffon + Tulle


Fairytale Princess

Check out my #NYFW Pinterest Board for over 475+ more Runway photos!


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Transitioning Trends: The Peplum

Do transitioning seasons make you grimace at the thought of parting with your current favorite go-tos? Are you anxious for the new season, but still want to hold on to a few summer favorites for as long as possible? If one of your go-tos right now is part of the peplum trend, your garments will not be forgotten this Fall.

This ultra-feminine staple is more flattering than it looks–I surprised myself when I first tried it on. Because the silhouette juts out at our widest part–-the hips-–I thought it would emphasize my hips, but it does quite the opposite. The peplum skirt itself is  w i d e r than our actual hips; your eye goes above the skirt to the smallest part: ze waist! Wearing a peplum top or dress will accentuate your waist while the frilly-ness of the style will up the feminine factor of your outfit as well. I have to admit: I’ve succumbed to the peplum…

I even spotted fellow DC blogger, Lacey Maffettone, rocking a peplum. If you’re reading this, Lacey, I want to apologize in advance for buying the same top–it was my feminine indulgence at the end of the summer 🙂 I want to note what the same exact H&M top did for our different body types:

For me, the skirt balances my slender hourglass figure. I am conscious of how masculine my shoulders can look, but the peplum creates a literal symmetry between my bony shoulders and the width of the skirt, allowing each to look very proportional and neither too extreme. I’m also a bit self-conscious of my upper arms, but the longer length of the short-sleeves takes care of that.

For Lacey, the skirt balances her fuller hourglass figure. Again, the peplum creates a literal symmetry balancing a wider upper-body with the fullness of the skirt. An added benefit can be seen on Lacey as well–her larger chest provides curves for the peplum to cling to, accentuating her tiny waist even more! For you readers who have a well-endowed chest, I suggest you seek a peplum in a polyester double knit, or “scuba,” fabric–this fabric has a fantastic amount of stretch (read: cling) as well as form, so the garment will have a better chance at clinging to the curves of your bust and waist but enough form to properly jut out as a peplum should.

Anywho, let me show you how versatile this popular trend is:

Everyday wear: Play up the feminine factor by choosing your peplum in a girly hue and pair it with your favorite pair of cropped jeans & wedges.

Cocktail / Work wear: Instead of a shirt, choose a structured jacket with a peplum detail–an interesting twist to the standard blazer. You’ll be able to pair it with skirts as well as pants, even as a topper to a form-fitting dress.

My way to rock a peplum: as a shirt–I can’t bring myself to buy this trend in anything other than a topper (my style just isn’t that girly). To take the focus off of the girly-ness, I chose the shirt in a dark merlot or burgundy color and added a tougher plated waist belt with cone spikes. Throw in my staple jeggings and wedge moto booties…that’s how I rock a girly trend 🙂


Photo of Lacey via