Describing Your Personal Style

It can be difficult to cast a blanket statement on yourself, but honing in on what you think your personal style is can be a great crutch. Thinking of adjectives to describe your look or even the look you want to achieve can be helpful. I started trying to verbalize my style once I realized how complicated shopping could become. Once you define your style it allows you to recognize which brands you align with best, which designers pique your interest, and which color palettes appeal to you. For instance,

I tend to describe my own style as a mix of minimalism, avant garde, dark colors, leather, textures, cozy knits, long hemlines, structure, sleek, rockstar, bohemia, & androgynous at times.

Once I wrote those out, the words helped me realize what I look for most in clothing: textures, tailoring, and the fine details. It also helped me realize which designers piqued my interest and why:

If you aren’t the type for words, it may be better to create a mood board to see which styles attract your eye the most. Flip through the latest issues of Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Glamour, and W to see which editorial  spreads appeal to you most and tear them out for inspiration from time to time. Or, make a board on your Pinterest. Below are some of my pins from my style board “My Steez” that help me collect my thoughts:

Or if you just straight up don’t know where to begin, take a quiz! I took one on Harper’s Bazaar’s website and it was pretty dead-on:

You are an Avant-Garde.

As an avant-garde, your style oozes a sense of self-assured confidence. You prefer a bit of grit with your glamour, often adding tougher elements of leather and metal hardware to anchor the softer pieces of your outfits. Your wardrobe is a spectrum of neutrals from cream to ebony, enriched by touches of dark brooding hues and deep jewel tones. Despite your rebel without a cause approach, you still possess a clear sense of balanced refinement in your fashion choices. Drawing inspiration from rocker chic legends like Grace Jones, your personal style is an artful curation of bold edginess and understated elegance.


I’d love to hear how you define you! Comments are always more than welcome 🙂


Inspiration for the Day: Isabel Toledo

Here in DC, you probably best know Ms. Toledo as the designer of Michelle Obama’s lemongrass dress and overcoat she wore for President Obama’s inauguration speech back in 2009. If you’re otherwise unfamiliar with the designer, let me just say she has very unique designs (see here and here) that I absolutely love. I met Ms. Toledo and her husband, Ruben Toledo, this past summer at her book signing at the Corcoran Museum of Art.

Isabel Toledo is an inspiration to all women because she is the epitome of a risk taker. She’s not an outlandish risk taker, like say…Nicki Minaj, but she takes tasteful risks with her public presentation of self, and she takes risks with her designs; she’s even said that she takes years refining the same design based on her interpretation in the moment. She, like most artists, looks for inspiration in everything: I wanted to share her with all of you because too often women feel the need to conform to the norm around them. Fashion is the first thing people see about you—it should say something about YOU not the styles you feel you “should” incorporate. Fashion is a form of self expression. You should enjoy the clothes you choose to put on your body. If you feel relaxed in your outfit, you enjoy your outfit, then who else cares? Let everyone else be confused and amused—let your imagination be the only thing dictating what you wear. It’s quite liberating 🙂


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Wise Words: Lauren Hutton + NYFW Wrap Up

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” —Lauren Hutton

New York Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday, and what better time to reveal the fashions that caught my eye. Saying that I have a unique taste in clothing is an understatement. I gravitate towards the dark, the utilitarian, the avant garde, the structured, the studded & the spiked. A few of my favorite designers include Jason Wu, Helmut Lang, rag & bone, Prabal Gurung, Victoria Beckham, The Row, Donna Karan, and BCBG–they consistently wow me season after season. After this Spring show, I have a few others to add to my list: Charlotte Ronson, Tess Giberson, Derek Lam, Kimberly Ovitz, and Rachel Comey. Here are my favorite looks for the trends I spotted. [Hover your mouse over the photos to view the designers, Click to see enlarged photos]



High Contrast

LWD’s: Little White Dresses

Personal Picks

For the readers who have a more feminine feel to their style, these are the most feminine looks that I could conjure up within my aesthetic realm:


Chiffon + Tulle


Fairytale Princess

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