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Everyday Essentials

My literal daily faves. Enjoy!

☀️ Morning Skin Faves

? Evening Skin Faves

  • FACE // IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser, I use this nightly to wash away makeup, sunscreen and city grime. The serum-y texture is just so good!
  • TOOLS // Foreo Luna for Sensitive Skin, to use with cleanser – this sensitive skin version has the gentlest silicone bristles ? & is SO amazing for micro-pulsing facial massage
  • TOOLS // Soft Cotton Washcloth, to use with cleanser – the black color is perfect for hiding the makeup stains that inevitably plague washcloths
  • FACE // Youth to the People 11% AHA Kombucha Toner, NOTE: I do not use this nightly – my sensitive AF skin couldn’t handle that, SO I use this 2-3x a week after cleansing and before moisturizing.

? Makeup Grabs

Bathroom Space Savers

The perfect fixes to make your small space more functional. How do I know? These were my must-have fixes in our NYC apartment, too 😉

  • SINK // The Matte Sink Cover, this no joke tripled my sink and counter space. I use this while creating so I can have a complete workspace…in our NYC apartment
  • SHELF // Clear Shelf Riser + Organizer, this made SUCH a difference in even just seeing the products I have on my skincare shelf. Well worth it!

Nail Care + Color

My favorite shades to wear any time of year + my must-haves for each DIY mani/pedi