How to Create a Universally Flattering Smokey Eye with Charlotte Tilbury

As we’re entering into the season of nighttime looks, I need to share the perfect smokey eye how-to. As you may be able to tell, I don’t work on video content, but I’m sharing a tutorial from the goddess who practically patented the “feline flick,” Charlotte Tilbury. As much as I don’t enjoy sharing content I haven’t created, Refinery29 had this exclusive how-to with British makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury. This one isn’t even on Miss Tilbury’s YouTube channel! I apologize in advance: you will be subjected to watch a sponsored ad at first and you will see R29’s logo, then the tutorial will begin. Enjoy! 🖤

2018 Halloween Makeup Looks: Mermaid + Glam Zombie

I love Halloween, but hate the thick, sticky, face-paint so many stores sell for costumes. Those options don’t let your skin breathe, are a mess to take off, and why buy something you will only use once? Unless you have kids who will use it for school plays, why subject your adult skin to the potential of pore-clogging and an acne aftermath?

It’s no secret I’m a makeup junkie. I try drugstore, specialty, online exclusives, department store, Sephora, Ulta, you name it! My biggest caveat: I hate spending $$$$$ and I hate having products go to waste. That’s why I invested in an arsenal of NYX loose pigments and glitters: multi-purpose and impactful! (And often found on special at Ulta – most of mine were purchased on a BOGO promo).

My first trial-and-error with the loose powders started this past summer when getting ready for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in June. It was my first attempt at using the pigments and I used them for subtle contouring/shading all over – it did the trick on a budget and in a pinch with just pigments and brushes. I used these products to create the rest of my look:

Fast-forward to earlier this month, I went out with a group of friends to House of Yes in BK and the theme was Dead as Disco / Studio 54 Zombies. For those who don’t know, House of Yes  is an epic nightclub out in Brooklyn with an ultra-inclusive club policy where people of all shapes and kinds can be themselves. Costumes/glitter/theatrics are highly encouraged.

To get my overall zombie-skin look, I used the NYX pigments combined with a new discovery: MAC’s Mixing Medium fluid (check out the full MAC range of Mixing Mediums). Combining the two on a plate, and applying to my skin using a beautyblender, it was super easy to get the color and coverage I wanted on my face, chest, and shoulders. The high-impact look was created using these products:

Have fun with your Halloween looks, babes! I can’t wait to see your looks and share my own. Tag me on IG or send them my way – I’ll feature the top looks on my IG 😘🖤

How-To: Getting the Kate Moss Signature Sex Kitten Look

It’s no secret that I have a minor obsession with Kate Moss…many women in the fashion industry do, regardless of industry. After her collaboration with TOPSHOP launched earlier this year, Nordstrom caught up with her makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, and posted a how-to on their Beauty Blog. Follow along below after watching the posted how-to video to see how you can achieve Kate the Great’s iconic look for tonight’s festivities:

1. Prep. Get your skin ready with a cream. Apply foundation and conceal targeted areas, including under-eye circles, blemishes or red spots. Utilize finishing powder down the T-zone to cover any pores.

2. Feline Eye. Use an eyelash curler (your secret weapon) to curl your lashes. Next, with your finger, pull the outer corner of your eye out slightly into a point to create the feline shape. Look straight ahead into a mirror and, using a black liquid eyeliner pen, draw a line until you get 3/4 of the way across your upper lash line. Mark a point on the outer corner of the eye where you want to end your line. Continue along the lash line and angle up to the outer point you marked to create a V shape along the eye. Repeat on the other eye—being sure to make another mark that’s even with the first eye. After your feline flick is complete, line your waterline with a black pencil. For a more dramatic look, add more of the black liner over the liquid liner.

3. Blend. Take a neutral grey and blend this color across the entire lid. Use a blending brush to add a darker shade of grey into the crease in a windshield wiper motion across the full eye socket. A darker shade of grey will create a smoky look under the eyelash line and along the feline flick lash line. Of course, apply mascara. Layer on more mascara for a more dramatic look.

4. Bronze. Use a powder brush and a swirling motion to apply bronzer to the temples, the forehead and the cheeks. Use the same shade in order to sculpt and carve out the cheeks by applying it right below the cheekbones.

5. Lips to Finish. Always start the lips with a neutral lip liner. If you are not sure where to put your lip liner, smile and then apply to your lip line. Add a nude lipstick on top. If you want a more matte look, add some powder over the lips.

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How to Look More Awake & Bright Eyed

So your weekend proved to be a bit more exciting than restful, and your eyes are a dead giveaway on Monday morning. Instead of trying to avoid social contact, pop in some eye drops and try this makeup trick to brighten your face…but be sure to grab a cup of coffee, because this how-to won’t lift your mood, only your bags.

To start creating this look, apply an even layer of foundation to have a fresh face as your canvas:

1. MAC Paint Pot (Shown in Painterly) $18.50

2. MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Coverage Concealer (Shown in Light Beige) $32

3. NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eye Liner (Shown in Rue Bonaparte) $24

4. Givenchy Mister Bright Touch of Light Pen (Shown in Dawnlight) $34

5. Revlon Eyelash Curler $5.29 + Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara (Shown in Glam Black) $6.59

1. bareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush $20 NOTE: Only use if applying powder/mineral foundation or concealer. For shown concealer, use your finger tip

2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush $26

3. SEPHORA Collection Classic Crease Shadow Brush #73 $16

  Apply concealer under your eyes by dabbing it repeatedly until blended. Dab quickly and lightly—smearing with your finger tugs on the gentle skin around your eyes and doesn’t blend as well.
  Using the crease brush, buff the primer into your lid from lash line to brow bone. This will even out the skin tone on your lid and mask any visible veins.

  Using the light liner trace along the inner 1/3 of each eye, subtly blending to the middle of each.
  Though the highlighter has a brush built in, opt for a finer brush for more precise application. Twist the bottom of the pen to push more opalescent product to the top and using your precision brush to apply over the area where you drew the liner and continue about 1/4 inch more towards the bridge of your nose. The reflective nature of the highlighter will bounce light, illuminating the skin around your eyes masking your tiredness while brightening. NOTE: I’m using a brush by Tarte that I’ve had for years and is no longer available for purchase. The Laura Mercier one shown above is similar.

  Using your finger dab a bit more highlighter onto your brow bone
  Curl your lashes in three places to “open” your eyes: 1. The base, along your lashline, 2. The middle of the lash, 3. The tips of the lashes
  Finally, coat your lashes with a lengthening mascara. I prefer plump lashes, so I opt for a volumizing + lengthening formula, but apply your preferred mascara. Apply one coat for simple definition, and pencil in your brows if needed (like mine). Voila!

NOTE: Why didn’t I do this trick using white eyeliner? Because it’s often over-applied and can make your eyes look farther apart instead of more awake. But if you want to try using white liner instead, by all means give it a shot. Just leave Cara’s look for the runways:

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Summer’s Makeup Trend: Bright Pink Lipstick (How-to)

This trend has been around for the past few seasons, and best of all it’s functional now through the Fall. Of the many Summer/Fall beauty trends on display, this is by far the easiest to achieve. Per us, I headed to Sephora to get the low down on how to recreate it. I opted for a true pink variation: not pastel, neon, nor reddish-pink. That way, this post is applicable for readers of all skin tones. To start creating this look, slough off any dry, peeling skin from lips with a warm wash cloth or a toothbrush. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to soften lips and ease cracks. Have a fresh face as your canvas:


The idea of applying a beige pencil to your lips may look a bit ghoul-ish, but it provides the perfect canvas to allow the lipstick to really pop. NOTE: this is actually a long-wearing eye pencil, but my friend at Sephora swears by it for the staying power and I have to agree! If you’d like a toned-down version, skip this step.

  1. Using the eye liner and a steady hand, trace the defining line of your lips, being careful not to veer over onto your skin. Fill in all of your lips with the liner (both top and bottom).
  2. Apply the pink lipstick to your lips, however you normally would. Once your lips are drenched in color, make sure there is not a distinct beige line around your lips–a sign that you didn’t follow your natural lip line or you need to apply more lip stick. Add another coat of color for ultimate saturation.
  3. As your last step, clean up around the edges for any remaining product that may have smeared.


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