⚡️ NOTE: What started as a web-based blog in 2012 is now being continued via Instagram starting in 2020. Be sure to follow me on @boundlessbeautyblog – continue reading below for more context. Thank you!

Boundless beauty (Bb) is a state of mind. It’s the belief that age is just a number, rules are meant to be broken, and you don’t need to live and look a certain way to please others – it comes when you are in tune with your truest self. As much as I want this blog to help others gain more confidence and feel beautiful, that will only come once you are comfortable in your own skin. It’s taken me years to get to this state of mind, and I’ll admit: it’s not easy to stay in this mental place, but it’s a path of self love that’s totally worth pursuing. I hope Bb can be a part of your journey.

Hi there! I’m Julia.

For me, my journey started out by finding industries I loved working in while still in undergrad, dancing between Fashion and Beauty for the starting years of my working life. I went through physical transformations during this time (I.e. dramatic hair color changes, clothing style overhauls, physique changes, etc), but even more importantly I went through mental changes too – everything in life is a learning experience! Bowing out of fashion and beauty professionally, I’ve been working in corporate communications in Tech/Telecomm since 2016 and learning to enjoy fashion + beauty from the consumer side once again. That being said, I’m still beauty- and style-obsessed, but in different ways (see “Then vs Now” below).

At my core, I’m an ingredient-conscious makeup + skincare junkie plagued with sensitive, acne-prone skin. I’ve adjusted most of the products in my bathroom cabinet after countless trial-and-error attempts. Skin journaling and food journaling were super helpful tools for me – it helped me better understand the relationship between my body’s internal reactions and how that may translate on my skin (spoiler: dairy, eggs, and gluten are not my skin’s friends). I know this isn’t going to sound encouraging, but since I’m a huge fan of transparency: I’ve been on my clear skin journey since the young age of 10…I’m now 28. It’s been one hell of a ride! ?

Like I said: it’s taken me years to get to this mental happy place, and I love sharing tips that helped me get here in hopes that it will help one of you. Graced with annoyingly sensitive skin, I hope to help others:

  • Improve the relationship with their skin
  • Better understand the ingredients we put on our skin and in our tummies
  • Better understand the relationship between your body’s internal reactions and how that may translate on your skin
  • Have some fun with it! Life’s too short to be so cut-and-dry: DIY’s and oddities are sprinkled throughout too ✨

Then vs Now

Then: buying the latest + greatest beauty and fashion finds to stay on-trend and “in the know” (as if that ever helped my acne scarring or my wallet!)

  • Makeup brands in my arsenal: Becca, NARS, YSL, MAC – long-lasting, talc, and silicone-laden formulas? Yes, yes and yes!
  • Skincare brands in my arsenal: Caudalie, Kiehl’s, Clarins, YSL – highly fragranced items with more irritants than I could handle (and my skin cried for help via pimples)
  • My fashion philosophy: seek to buy at least one trend item each season at an affordable price point. Issue: I had a near-disposable wardrobe I didn’t enjoy wearing and it didn’t represent “me,” leading to a closet full of meh options with shoes that hurt my feet and back.

Now: buying the latest + greatest clean beauty innovations to put less chemicals on my skin, eating clean to heal from the inside out, all while buying less clothing options each year

  • Makeup brands in my arsenal: Juice Beauty, Kosas, Cover FX, and the occasional Jeffree Star Cosmetics – zero talc, skin-nourishing, with the occasional silicone-based formula
  • Skincare brands in my arsenal: Youth to the People, The Ordinary, Herbivore, Drunk Elephant – non-fragranced items with zero silicones and tons of active botanicals to actually improve skin vs masking to look like improvements
  • My fashion philosophy: Minimalist, utilitarian and well tailored pieces, while being true to myself (I can never shake my love for punk rock details) – buying fewer pieces that will last longer. #1 rule my husband imposed (that I’ve learned to love): one item into the closet, one item out.

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