Hi there and welcome to Boundless beauty blog!

I’m Julia.

I’m a passionate makeup, fashion, and skincare enthusiast graced with annoyingly sensitive, clog-prone skin. I cover makeup tips, product reviews, and skincare gentle enough for even the most #sensitiveAFskin. While I love helping others learn about new beauty products, I also aim to help you hone in your wardrobe, discover your personal style, and if we have time for it: normalize conversations around mental health, too 😜 I aim to make others feel boundlessly beautiful, both inside and out.

Thank you for stopping by! ✨

I started Boundless in 2012 while living in Washington, DC. I’ve always loved how fashion and your outward self is an unspoken communication of who you are and how you feel, even aspirations of who you’d like to be. As you can imagine, being fashion conscious in a city prided in politics wasn’t exactly the best fit (navy blue skirt-suits weren’t exactly my idea of fashion). So, I started this blog as a way to share and fuel my passions.

Since then, it’s grown into something so much more: a community of wonderful humans who are just as passionate about taking care of their inner selves and outer selves as I am, and I can’t wait to connect with you more!

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