Hi there! I’m Julia.

I’m an ingredient-conscious makeup + skincare junkie. Plagued with sensitive, acne-prone skin, I’ve been on my clear skin journey since the young age of 10, but I’m not about to let that hold me back. By day, I’m an internal communications manager in corporate America. By night (and weekends, and any other free moment I can spare) I’m a passionate beauty + lifestyle blogger determined to make you feel your very best! My goal is to share digestible content that’s easy to understand and relatable – who has time to read pages of content and watch 45min+ YouTube videos?!

I especially love helping others gain more confidence so they can look and feel their very best – feel boundlessly beautiful. It’s taken me years to get to this mental happy place, and I love sharing tips that helped me get here in hopes that it will help someone else. Graced with annoyingly sensitive skin, I hope to help others:

  • improve the relationship with their skin
  • better understand the ingredients we put on our skin and in our tummies
  • better understand the relationship between your body’s internal reactions and how that may translate on your skin

…because sensitive skin shouldn’t dull your shine ✨

I believe that beauty starts from the inside out, and there are a million + 1 ways to make your outside look enviable while you’re still working on the insides – because life is a journey and everything is a work in progress.

What is “Boundless beauty”?

Bb is a state of mind. You believe that age is just a number, rules can be broken (once you’ve learned the rule book), and is something you feel when you are in tune with your truest self. It’s a level of self confidence and self certainty that comes with knowing who you are, what you want, and working towards your goals. It may start out as the *omg I’m not breaking out as much this month* feeling, but I hope that graduates to the *I feel sexy in my own skin* feeling; that feeling when you know someone’s looking and you don’t care why b/c you know you’re amazing, why wouldn’t people want to look?

Yeah, that feeling.

Anyone can feel it. I hope to help you get there and stay there b/c everyone should feel like their very best self…or at the very least look it.

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