Wise Words: Karl Lagerfeld

“Vanity is the healthiest thing in life.” — Karl Lagerfeld

Whether you like him or not, Karl is hands down a controversial fellow. Always armed with dark shades, high collars, and verbal venom, the designer extraordinaire is a favorite of mine. What can I say? We share a love for black and white with a badass edge. And as for his quote? It’s kinda true…one’s own vanity will keep them from over-indulging on food and/or alcohol and stay “looking good.” Vanity may keep your waistline in check, but your bank account will hate you.

Describing Your Personal Style

It can be difficult to cast a blanket statement on yourself, but honing in on what you think your personal style is can be a great crutch. Thinking of adjectives to describe your look or even the look you want to achieve can be helpful. I started trying to verbalize my style once I realized how complicated shopping could become. Once you define your style it allows you to recognize which brands you align with best, which designers pique your interest, and which color palettes appeal to you. For instance,

I tend to describe my own style as a mix of minimalism, avant garde, dark colors, leather, textures, cozy knits, long hemlines, structure, sleek, rockstar, bohemia, & androgynous at times.

Once I wrote those out, the words helped me realize what I look for most in clothing: textures, tailoring, and the fine details. It also helped me realize which designers piqued my interest and why:

If you aren’t the type for words, it may be better to create a mood board to see which styles attract your eye the most. Flip through the latest issues of Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Glamour, and W to see which editorial  spreads appeal to you most and tear them out for inspiration from time to time. Or, make a board on your Pinterest. Below are some of my pins from my style board “My Steez” that help me collect my thoughts:

Or if you just straight up don’t know where to begin, take a quiz! I took one on Harper’s Bazaar’s website and it was pretty dead-on:

You are an Avant-Garde.

As an avant-garde, your style oozes a sense of self-assured confidence. You prefer a bit of grit with your glamour, often adding tougher elements of leather and metal hardware to anchor the softer pieces of your outfits. Your wardrobe is a spectrum of neutrals from cream to ebony, enriched by touches of dark brooding hues and deep jewel tones. Despite your rebel without a cause approach, you still possess a clear sense of balanced refinement in your fashion choices. Drawing inspiration from rocker chic legends like Grace Jones, your personal style is an artful curation of bold edginess and understated elegance.


I’d love to hear how you define you! Comments are always more than welcome 🙂


S/S 2014 NYFW — Richard Chai

As you all know, I attended Richard Chai’s show last week at the start of NYFW. The show itself was surreal—very minimalist set design: white runway, clean entryway for the models, and a cheery color palette. The rush of people (see panoramic pic below), the literal wall of press photographers, the celebrities, the commercialism…really took away from the experience overall, but more on that later in this post. The garments themselves had very soft geometric lines, nautical color palette, and gently voluminous silhouettes.Though I’m partial towards the leather jackets that accompanied the garments, it was a refreshing collection to see.

What you may not know is that I am now a marketing intern for fashion brand Andrew Marc. The leather jackets that were worn by the models at Richard’s show were part of the Andrew Marc x Richard Chai collection. This beaut is my all-time favorite piece from the show, pic taken backstage:

Beautifully crafted clothes aside, there was one aspect to the day that bothered me: the large group of people—with cameras in hand—gathered outside of Lincoln Center just waiting to see who exited the building next. Who are they wearing? Are they worthy of a Street Style credit? Who do they work for? Are they someone famous? Hell, I got asked by eight different people to take a picture of my hair, my shoes, my face, and only one full-body pic. Random strangers have shots of me that may or may not be posted somewhere online, but more importantly: Who cares about what this intern is wearing?? New York Times writer, Eric Wilson, writes: “This scene is increasingly what people come for at Fashion Week, and its impact on the business is the subject of some debate.” It pains me to know that at the start of my career in fashion, the industry has already begun to think like this. The over-sensationalism of Fashion Week (or month depending on your job) has become the norm. But if people inside the industry are thinking that it’s fluffed up, what are all of you non-industry-folks thinking? Is the end of Fashion Week looming in the near future?

I tend to think of runway shows as live art exhibitions. To own a designer’s garment is the privilege to adorn your body with their masterpiece. — My own thoughts

Photos via my Instagram/iPhone

How-to: Homemade Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

With Labor Day now behind us, it’s official—Summer is coming to an end, and boy is it about time! As you were attending outings with friends this weekend, I was creating my perfect ending to the season: a moisturizing, homemade exfoliant to slough off that dead, dreary skin and brighten my epidermis for Fall.

Ingredients + Supplies:

  •   Coconut oil
  •   Sugar
  •   Vanilla Extract (optional)
  •   Glass jar (b/w 6-10oz, mine was 8oz)
  •   Measuring cup
  •   Bowl + spoon (not shown)

  1. Pour water into your clean, empty jar. Once full, pour that water into a measuring cup to see how much your jar can hold. Your ratio for the mixture will be 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil. I.e. since my jar was 8oz (1 cup) I was able to divide it into 1/3 cup oil to 2/3 cup sugar.
  2. Once you’ve measured out your sugar, pour into a cereal bowl. Dribble in 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or a few drops from an essential oil of your choice if you’re opting for a more scented scrub. If you’d rather forgo these additions, keep reading.
  3. Pour in the appropriate amount of coconut oil to achieve that 2:1 ratio. Stir mixture until all sugar granules are saturated in the oil. If you bypassed the scent additions in step 3, no worries—coconut oil is quite fragrant on its own. If you added scent, make sure that these are well-mixed-in too.
  4. Now that everything is thoroughly blended, it’s time to transfer your new scrub from the bowl to your jar. Literally as easy as spooning it in! (see me doing it below)
  5. NOTE: in picking a jar, be smart about it. Don’t choose anything too tall and narrow—you won’t be able to fit your hand to the bottom to use the last of your homemade product! Think of some that are more round and stout—think jars that hold jam or marinated artichoke hearts 🙂
  6. Enjoy your amazingly moisturizing new scrub in the shower, or slap a gift-tag on it and give it to a gal pal!

If you’d like to experiment with scents and oils I’d love to hear about your concoctions! Leave a comment with any variations or personal spins you put on your exfoliants.

Photos via my Instagram