Shopping Tip #4: Clean Out Your Closet

With the holiday season looming ahead, I thought this would be something you ladies might want to start thinking about. Since the holidays always mean shopping, gifts, and giving, we seem to always acquire new clothing during these upcoming weeks. May it be from falling into the “one gift for you, one gift for me” trap, trading clothes with girlfriends as they’ve cleaned out their closets, or maybe you’ve splurged on a few extra Fall wardrobe pieces. Bottom line: it’s time to weed out the clothes you don’t want/like/need anymore and make room for potential new items.

I am one of those women who curates their closet. If I haven’t worn something new within a certain time frame, there’s a good chance I simply won’t ever wear it. Or, if I am not as fond about a garment when looking through last season’s clothes I will put it aside for donation to the Salvation Army. If I won’t enjoy it any more, someone else will. In finding out my own weird nuances about my closet, I’ve figured out some very handy tips that I think every woman will benefit from.

1. Keep all receipts paper-clipped to the tags until you actually remove the tags to wear the garment.

This will save time when looking for the receipt, and it will also catch your eye each time you’re in your closet. If you see the bulky paper receipt flowing down the sleeve of an unworn blouse enough times you will be more inclined to either rip the tags off and wear it, or realize that you have no idea why you bought the item in the first place. This exercise is a great way to realize which items cause you buyer’s remorse so you can consciously avoid making similar purchases in the future.

2. If you have not worn the garment after 2+months of owning—return it.

If you haven’t been concocting ways to wear that new blazer or pair of shoes, you’re not as in love with it as you thought you were the first moment you saw it. In-store displays and digital photography on websites can do wonders to entice shoppers to buy items they don’t really need. If you haven’t rushed to put it on yet, let it simmer in your closet for a few weeks. If you’re still not in love with it, back to the store it goes!

3. If you own items you have not reached for in 6+months—donate it.

Obviously seasons change within the course of 6 months, but if you don’t even reach for a particular garment within a Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter cycle then really ask yourself if you’re going to wear it again. If it sits in your closet for any longer than 6-7 months, donate it to someone who will get good wear out of it. If you really think your tastes will change back in that garment’s favor, hold on to it in a separate pile. But if it doesn’t even cross your mind for an outfit, give it away.

4. If you own items that you say “after I lose those 5lbs…”—donate it.

If the item didn’t fit you when you bought it, it won’t fit the more it sits in your closet. If you’ve owned it for a while and are anticipating a weight-loss to help you fit into something again be realistic with yourself: how long have you been telling yourself you were going to lose 5lbs? How long have you owned the garment? If the time frame is similar donate the item to someone who will actually fit into it. Or, use this as a wake-up call to finally take it to the tailor’s.

This will keep your wardrobe lean and up-to-date with your style. Who wants to go shopping now? 😉



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