F/W 2013 NYFW Wrap Up

The first time I did a post about New York Fashion Week was for these past Spring/Summer 2013 collections. I did an overhaul: I spent every free moment I had incessantly pinning show after show until I had gone through every designer that was available. By the end I had over 500 pins and a plethora of beautiful clothes to look through. For me, fashion is a wearable art form so going to that extent wasn’t a chore for me, it was exciting. I was able to see the trends forming across the board before magazines even wrote about them. For this season, I didn’t feel the same passion. Maybe it was because I didn’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to really sorting through the 200+ designers, but I honestly feel it was a bit more because Fall and Winter clothes don’t give me that same kind of awe-factor.

Spring offers bright colors, interesting silhouettes, and a myriad of patterns for the warmer months. Fall/Winter are much more predictable, showcasing black, grays, blues, and jewel tones with bundled up or oversized silhouettes. This particular season didn’t “wow” me. Something that stood out was the plethora of furs—something I’m not too fond of. Some designers whom I loved last season didn’t even get pinned this season. But, like last time, I saw trends across the choice designers I stalked. Enjoy them below: (Hover over each pic to see designer)



Ladylike Glamour

Textures: Quilting, Sheens, + Shag

My Personal Picks

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