The Intern Chronicles pt. II

Happy May 1st! I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post…it was on my birthday for pete sake! I’ll have to chalk it up to my insanely jam packed schedule as of late. Between interning three days per week, scheduling six photo shoots with each model for my dresses project, sorting through over 600 photos from those photo shoots, editing photos, showing my dresses in an art show…there was barely enough time for sleep let alone having brain power to type a post. So today is the first post in 18 days and it is the second—and hopefully last—installment of The Intern Chronicles series showing more favorite outfits I’ve worn during the second half of the semester. NOTE: Yes, they’re all taken on my iPhone in the bathroom. Why? Because my living room is still taken over by my recycled-fashion independent study I mentioned here.

How do you dress for your internships?

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  1. You look outstanding in all of these outfits. Where is that outstanding gold studded belt from??

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