I’ll see you there…

It’s almost time 😀 This invitation graced my inbox today at the office. I’m so excited to be attending NYFW next week! I’ll keep you posted—the show is early afternoon next Thursday on the stage at Lincoln Center. Pleasant surprises, can’t wait to have a recap ready for you!


How-to: Cutting the Perfect Off-the-Shoulder Tee

Does this sound familiar? I love to buy band tees but I hate the boys’ crew neck! It would look so much better if it were off-the shoulder, but I don’t want to have to replace the shirt because I cut the neckline too big the first time 🙁 No worries ladies! Luckily, this is an easy fix with the help of a little resourcefulness.


    • Band tee in a regular/loose fit, i.e. My shirt is a ladies’ Medium when I normally take an Extra Small/Small
    • Either a white chalk pencil or black Sharpie (depending on color of shirt)
    • Sharp scissors
    • Measuring Tape

  • 1. Fold your t-shirt in half by taking both sleeves to meet so that the logo or design on the front of the shirt is facing out and so that the shoulder seems match up. Take your pencil or Sharpie and mark the fold at the middle of the collar. The shirt must be symmetrical so that the mark is truly at the center.
  • 2. Take your measuring tape and measure from the base of your neck to just below the opposite shoulder. Take note of this number, but make sure to round down to the nearest number easily divisible by two. For example: My original measurement was 33cm so I rounded it down to 32cm because it was easier to divide in half. Take note of that final number for the next step.
  • 3. Lay your shirt flat. Taking that ^^ number, divide it in half. For me, I took 32 ÷ 2 = 16cm. Line up the measuring tape so that the tip is at the shoulder and the measurement (16cm) is aligned with your mark on the neck, ensuring that the side edge of the measuring tape is touching the outer hem of the shirt’s neckline.

  • 4. Make a small snip in the shoulder on the outside of your mark. Slip the bottom blade of your scissors through the hole so you’re only cutting the FRONT of the shirt.
  • 5. In a circular path, cut from that snip to the mark you made at the center of the neck.

  • 7. Cut along the shoulder seam to remove that side of the collar from the shirt.
  • 8. Fold over the flap that you’ve just created to use as a stencil for the other side of the collar to make sure that it’s even. Don’t worry about being too careful—a few jagged edges won’t be noticeable.
  • 9. Again, cutting in a circular pattern (and following your “stencil”) cut the other side of the collar.

  • 10. With the front of the shirt still attached at one shoulder, lay the shirt flat and bring the flap to one side to lay it flat.
  • 11. To ensure that your neckline won’t stretch out too much and reveal more than you’d like, cut the back of the neck straight across. DO NOT cut in a curve to match the front of your shirt. You will regret it.


NOTE: Though all photos were taken by me and are from my Instagram, I have to give credit where credit is due. The concept behind this magical mathematical genius is from YouTube-er Petite Pear Style. << Click on her name to see the video that inspired this post <<

Early-Fall Wish List

As I’m sure many of you know, my all time F A V O R I T E season is Fall. Aside from the beautiful leaves and the crisp air tousling your hair, I love the fashions that come with it: boots, scarves, leather jackets, darker colors, richer textures…what’s not to love? Just coming out of summer…here are a few things that have caught my eye already:

Top: Equipment silk blouse| Bottom: Burberry Brit jeans | Hoodie: American Apparel  | Watches: Nixon, Emporio Armani, Andrew Marc | Shoes: Converse high tops, Church’s lace ups  | Bag: Kooba hobo | Polishes: both OPI  | Skirt: black leather skirt…still searching for “that one”


As you can see, I try to keep my color palette as simple as possible. I tend to think it’s because my mind gets so…active and crazy and a million miles a minute that I need to keep my outfits as bare-min as possible as not to distract me throughout the day. Plus it makes for easy pairings in the a.m. 🙂

What are on your Fall wish lists?

How to Look More Awake & Bright Eyed

So your weekend proved to be a bit more exciting than restful, and your eyes are a dead giveaway on Monday morning. Instead of trying to avoid social contact, pop in some eye drops and try this makeup trick to brighten your face…but be sure to grab a cup of coffee, because this how-to won’t lift your mood, only your bags.

To start creating this look, apply an even layer of foundation to have a fresh face as your canvas:

1. MAC Paint Pot (Shown in Painterly) $18.50

2. MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Coverage Concealer (Shown in Light Beige) $32

3. NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eye Liner (Shown in Rue Bonaparte) $24

4. Givenchy Mister Bright Touch of Light Pen (Shown in Dawnlight) $34

5. Revlon Eyelash Curler $5.29 + Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara (Shown in Glam Black) $6.59

1. bareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush $20 NOTE: Only use if applying powder/mineral foundation or concealer. For shown concealer, use your finger tip

2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush $26

3. SEPHORA Collection Classic Crease Shadow Brush #73 $16

  Apply concealer under your eyes by dabbing it repeatedly until blended. Dab quickly and lightly—smearing with your finger tugs on the gentle skin around your eyes and doesn’t blend as well.
  Using the crease brush, buff the primer into your lid from lash line to brow bone. This will even out the skin tone on your lid and mask any visible veins.

  Using the light liner trace along the inner 1/3 of each eye, subtly blending to the middle of each.
  Though the highlighter has a brush built in, opt for a finer brush for more precise application. Twist the bottom of the pen to push more opalescent product to the top and using your precision brush to apply over the area where you drew the liner and continue about 1/4 inch more towards the bridge of your nose. The reflective nature of the highlighter will bounce light, illuminating the skin around your eyes masking your tiredness while brightening. NOTE: I’m using a brush by Tarte that I’ve had for years and is no longer available for purchase. The Laura Mercier one shown above is similar.

  Using your finger dab a bit more highlighter onto your brow bone
  Curl your lashes in three places to “open” your eyes: 1. The base, along your lashline, 2. The middle of the lash, 3. The tips of the lashes
  Finally, coat your lashes with a lengthening mascara. I prefer plump lashes, so I opt for a volumizing + lengthening formula, but apply your preferred mascara. Apply one coat for simple definition, and pencil in your brows if needed (like mine). Voila!

NOTE: Why didn’t I do this trick using white eyeliner? Because it’s often over-applied and can make your eyes look farther apart instead of more awake. But if you want to try using white liner instead, by all means give it a shot. Just leave Cara’s look for the runways:

Model photos via, via, via