Building a Solid Foundation pt. ii Panty Edition

It’s Girls’ Night with you and your friends. You’re the last of the group to finish primping, and as you step back from the mirror to carefully eye yourself from head to toe your eyes stop mid-way. The sexiness of your outfit has been snuffed by the dreaded diagonal lines digging into your behind. The ever-famous VPL: Visible Panty Line. No matter how fabulous your outfit is, keeping your undergarments unseen (i.e. your panties) will make a world of difference.

The Fit: Much like your bra, the proper fit of your panties will almost make you feel like you don’t have any on. You won’t be fidgeting to prevent a wedgie, worried that your panties are peeking, or concerned that your love handles are being man-handled by elastic. You will feel better. Your clothes will fit better. What could be better?

Panties are a bit different than bras. You can wear one bra per week, but you can go through at least one pair of panties per day. That being said, panties aren’t nearly as tactile of an investment as their supportive cousins, but thought should still go into which panties you buy. I think every woman should own 3 staple panties to enhance her wardrobe: low rise thong, high rise thong, and low rise hipster. When it comes to underwear I don’t have too many I genuinely don’t like. There is almost always a good purpose for a particular cut of panty: Boyshort? Sleeping and doing yoga at home. “Granny-panties”? Who doesn’t need a comfy pair around mid-month? But the 3 I specified are easy and comfortable solutions to enhance your wardrobe above all else.

The Fabric: I am a firm believer in cotton panties–a breathable fabric that is easily washed and comfortable for every day wear. Then there are nylon versions that look near-flawless under most fabrics. A little luxe lace every once in a while is a personal treat, but often rivals clingy skirts and dresses. Attention to the actual fabric of panties is only 1 of 2 things I consider; color is my next concern. Never knowing what colors, cuts, or textiles of the season may catch my eye, I opt for the simplest solution: a cotton thong in a “nude” as close to my skin tone as possible. I always want my clothes to talk, not the bulge, pudge, or peek from under my clothes. While your outfit may provide reasons for your bra to show, there is never a reason to have your panties show. Again, the two colors to seek out: classic black and a “nude” that is as close to your skin tone as possible. “Nude” or “buff” does not apply to all–finding one that matches your complexion will make red wine the only concern while wearing white jeans and ivory dresses.

The One(s): In addition to the 3 I mentioned before, here are all 7 recommendations for staple panties:

1. Low rise bikini (nude) 2. Low rise bikini (black) 3. Low rise G-string 4. High rise thong 5. Low rise thong 6. Low rise hipster (nude) 7. Low rise hipster (black)

Each one is meant to let your clothes do the talking, based on what you want them to say. Rock that mini, don those jeggings, and work that bandage skirt without worrying about the VPL.

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