Building a Solid Foundation pt. i

No matter how fabulous your outfit is, the garments that are unseen (i.e. your bra) can make a world of difference.

The Fit: The proper fit of your bra will almost make you feel like you don’t have one on. You won’t be tugging to keep your girls contained, straps in place, or bra band from migrating. You will feel better. Your clothes will fit better. Who could be happier? To maintain a proper-fitting bra remember to get remeasured every 6 months. This sounds a bit often, but think of the weight fluctuations that happen from your Summer bikini body to your day-after-Thanksgiving body. No one likes to compare the two, but see the reasoning?

Now comes the unfortunate truth…a woman should own AT LEAST 3 staple bras to enhance her wardrobe: a lightly lined demi or full coverage, a simple strapless, and a plunge or scoop bra. I do not think that any woman needs a push-up bra. Aside from being “false advertising,” I have seen far more girls resemble Dolly Parton than I have Heidi Klum (more crass than class). Don’t forget: a bra is made to enhance the real you, not replace your real boobs.

The Fabric: I am a firm believer in seamless Nylon or elastane bras–they provide a smooth coverage that looks near-flawless under most fabrics. A little luxe lace every once in a while is a personal treat, but often rivals clingy tops. Actual fabric of the bra aside, my most sought attribute: color of the bra. I always want my clothes to talk, not the bra from under my clothes. Unless purposely donning a neon hue or a black bra under a sheer top, your bra should be invisible. The two colors to seek out: classic black and one that is as close to your skin tone as possible. “Nude” or “buff” does not apply to all–finding one that matches your complexion will make wearing white shirts and semi-sheer shirts a breeze.

The One(s): As I said before, “a woman should own AT LEAST 3 staple bras”…well here are my recommended 7:

1. Lightly Lined Demi Bra 2. Balcony Bra 3. Strapless Push-up Bra 4. Strapless Bra 5. Bandeau 6. Full Coverage/Racerback Bra 7. Plunge Bra

Each one is meant to let your clothes do the talking, based on what you want them to say. Have you worn anything interesting lately?

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