Coat Envy

As temperatures continue to drop I’ve noticed my coat arsenal is lacking quite a bit. There are so many great coat trends this Fall, but with very little shopping budget remaining a girl can only dream. And this girl wants to show you her dreamed up outfits to go with them! Below are 5 of my favorite coat categories for this season: Anorak, Menswear-Inspired, the Statement jacket, Over-sized Lapels, and the mighty Leather Moto jacket. I created each outfit set with my own flair to show you how I’d wear them. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for how you would style them to suit you! Or if you have a question as to why I paired a jacket with what I did, post your comment 🙂



Menswear Inspired

Bold / Statement

Over-sized Lapel

Leather Moto



What’s your coat envy?


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