Finding the Right Fit: The Perfect Camera Bag

I first started looking for chic camera bags after the start of my summer internship at event coverage site Guest of a Guest. Since I knew I would be toting my camera around the District to take pictures at events I knew I needed to upgrade from using a cotton scarf to “protect” my camera (as I shoved it in the over-sized purse I chose for the day). I didn’t have a secure camera bag. I needed a functional, secure way to carry my DSLR that was a bit more cushioning than a scarf. Ok, fine. I needed a functional cute, secure way to carry my DSLR that was a bit more cushioning than a scarf versatile enough to change with my outfit.

After doing a bit of research I came across a few companies that specialize in chic camera bags–The IT, ONA, ZKIN, Jo Totes, Epiphanie….to my surprise they do exist. I mulled over a few I thought were cute, namely this ZKIN and this Jo Totes, but I finally found the perfect solution: ONA’s Camera Bag insert. The majority of my purses are over-sized so I knew it would be perfect: I could change my “camera bag” based on my outfit. The insert is even big enough to fit my DSLR with its 18-135mm lens (while still being discreet)!

All in all—I’m a happy camper…er…blogger. Below is the insert in action in one of my oversized purses.

  • 1: Unzipped purse looking into open insert.
  • 2: Unzipped purse looking into closed insert.
  • 3: Zipped purse showing how discreet the insert actually is!

Side note: if you are indeed interested in this ONA camera bag insert, I bought mine here at B&H. It’s free shipping & 9 times outta 10 I receive my orders after 2 days with them 🙂

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