Ideal Space Saver Must: Card Case

Designer Card Cases
Upon first reading the title I’m sure you thought,
“Card case? Why the f%*^ does this chick care so much about a card case?”
Well, b*@$# I’ll tell you why.

1. Super space-saver – Summer’s right around the corner, I will be carrying MUCH smaller handbags, won’t you? To avoid the bulk, I plan to trim down what I carry with me and minimalize my wallet down to one of these bad boys
2. Amazingly gorgeous (well, these are at least) – from exotic skins to funky irridescence, designer card cases add jusstttt enough pizzazz to be “my little secret”. Imagining some of these fabrics in an all-over handbag gives me a headache, but this small of an accessory is unique and an adorably petite way to show personality
3. At less than $250, yes, you can totally go for it…because the handbag versions of these are all $600+

photo 4photo 5 photo 3

As you can see (above) I’ve already scored the metallic 3.1 Phillip Lim version for my summer accessory arsenal, and in case you’re interested, these are the ones listed above starting from upper left corner:
– Brown Croc, Aspinal of London, $59
– Grey / White tonal, Giorgio Armani, $248
– Naked Lady pin-up, Paul Smith, $200
– Blue lizard, Coach, $298
– Metallic Fuschia, Saint Laurent, $275
– Grey + Blue Ostrich, Maison Takuya, $240
– Orange, Valextra, $240
– B&W, Alexander McQueen, $325
– Blue/Green, 3.1 Phillip Lim, $150
– Tiffany blue ostrich, Tiffany, $185
– Embossed Ribcage, Alexander McQueen, $165
– Blue Stars, Jimmy Choo, $245

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