New Product Findings: SIN-MIN Lipspread

Maybe it’s my underlying yearning for sun on my face, sand in my toes, and sun bleached hair, but I’ve been gravitating towards a favorite location for product-inspo: Cali. Destination for all things laid back and “cool” I’ve opted to try out a cinnamon lip balm, adorably called SIN-MIN. This company is all about the cinnamon, and I’ve never been happier — it’s one of my all-time favorite spices. Dubbed “Horchata Lipspread,” this lip balm first brought awful American Dad associations to mind, but once I received my package last week I haven’t been able to put it down.

I was sick of constantly rotating between Burt’s Bees, Rosebud, and my Sugar Stick just thinking, “These are great, but I want something new and different, not something that I can find everywhere.” In walks my latest obsession: SIN-MIN Horchata Lipspread. I wasn’t kidding—I really can’t find it…anywhere. For us East-coasters, this delicious balm is only available for purchase via their website: Pick up your goodies in a 2- or 5-pack — I opted for the duo leaving one in my purse and one on my nightstand. My push to convert my product arsenal to more natural ones gets easier when there’s an incentive. In this case it’s the taste, texture, packaging, bulk-buying abilities, and Earth friendly company mantra 🙂 A bit about them from their website:

Spread Well. Made in California for your lips and those you share them with. SIN-MIN is created using the finest all natural and organic ingredients and packaged with recycled materials, ensuring a big impact on your senses and a minimal one on the environment.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 3.56.38 PMPhotos via SIN-MIN1, SIN-MIN2, my IG

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