Fall Fashion Wish List

I do this every season: flip through Bazaar and W to peruse all of the designer duds, knowing I will never afford them on a college budget. I make 2 shopping lists: an “ideal world” list and a “reality check” list. Each contains styles I want to try during the season, but one are the designer versions (“Ideal”) and the other, more affordable brands’ versions (“Real”). Here are my 2 for this Fall, enjoy:

Ranging from Michael Kors, All Saints, Burberry, and Belle by Sigerson Morrison to Céline, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and Giuseppe Zanotti…a girl can dream, right?


With items from ASOS, Top Shop, and Mango, the final touches are Doc Marten combat boots, TOMS, and a trip to Sephora. Much to my dismay, this is much more realistic.

What Fall items do you ladies have your sights set on?

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