Fall Beauty Trend: Wine Lips (How-to)

Of the many Fall beauty trends on display, I’m most excited for the dark lip look and all of its variations. After stalking the different looks, I narrowed down my favorite and headed to Sephora to get the low down on how to recreate it. I opted for the Gucci variation: an ombré lip with the darkest wine around the lips fading to a lighter red-wine on the pout (see: center photo above). That way, I am able to achieve the other looks with the lip liner and lipstick I bought for this combined look. To start creating this look, slough off any dry, peeling skin from lips with a warm wash cloth or a toothbrush. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to soften lips and ease cracks. Have a fresh face as your canvas:

Using the lip liner and a steady hand, trace the defining line of your lips, being careful not to veer over onto your skin. Fill in about 1/3 of your lips with the liner (both top and bottom).

  1. Using your finger or a cotton swap blend the dark line inward toward your mouth (on top and bottom lip) to create the gradual fading effect.
  2. Apply the lighter wine lipstick to the center of your lower lip and upper lip over the “gradual fading” section and blend outward. Once your lips are drenched in color, make sure there is not a distinct line across your lips–a sign that you needed to blend more in step 2. As your last step, clean up around the edges for any remaining product that may have smeared.


The other variations are just as eye-catching: if you’d rather go for a glossy blackberry pout or a maroon stained pucker, be prepared to stand out.

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