Redefining “Practical”


It’s a word I hear too often here in DC, specifically when it comes to clothing and self expression. “That’s not practical, why would you buy that drape-y jacket?” “That color isn’t practical, pick a more natural hair color.” “That height isn’t practical, you should buy a lower heel.” You get the point. Since when has “practical” become so dull? Does something need to be classified as “impractical” for it to be fun to look at?

DC fashion is often too “practical” for my taste–too safe, too influenced by conservative suits and politics. Living in DC, I’ve noticed that Prep tends to be the norm, the “practical.” Prep may not be the norm of your hometown, but still, since when has there been a norm to fashion? Something that’s inventive and daring is always more interesting than something that’s safe. When I say daring, I don’t mean scantily clad or revealing, I simply mean not part of the norm, not considered practical by most.

My fellow DC style enthusiasts and fellow style bloggers make their efforts with every post to influence the women of our nation’s capital to be more inventive with their wardrobe. I applaud all of you! I love each of your individual styles, and wish more women everywhere were daring enough to express themselves through their clothing.

Regardless of where you live: DC, Rhode Island, Michigan, Nebraska–don’t be afraid to express your style to the fullest. Its an expression of YOU not of the “norm” you live in. ENJOY dressing yourself in the morning. And remember:

Practical ≠ Boring

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