Shopping Tip #3: Do Your Homework

Being a savvy shopper is being a smart shopper. You should never buy a high-ticket item you like without shopping around a little bit. If I have my sights set on a pair of shoes I always check multiple websites and stores to see who has the lowest price (free shipping is a huge plus too!!). I say shoes in particular because I find myself doing this with shoes the most. I find a pair I fall in love with from Bloomingdale’s. Then I pop over to to see what price they have. Then I go to the brand’s actual site. Then I do a Google search. Then I compare all my findings and make my purchase.

It’s all about weighing your options.

This tactic isn’t for everyone; Some of my friends hate me for doing this. Certain women enjoy the satisfaction of obtaining the item in-person in-store once they see it; others enjoy the satisfaction of obtaining the item for the lowest price possible; then there’s me: I enjoy going to the store to try it on, see if I like how the garment suites me, then: ask about sales, shop around in stores, shop around online, compare pricing, make final purchase.

Shop smart, shop confidently 🙂

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