Outfits to Ring in the New Year

With New Year’s Eve upon us in just a few days, I’m sure you ladies already have your outfits picked out, nails painted, makeup look thought up, and plans set, but just in case you don’t I took the liberty to come up with a few outfit ideas for different potential party venues. No glitz was spared.

Girls Night Out

There’s no better way to spend the evening than with your best gal pals, especially if you’re all dolled up and turning heads! The best way to dress for this? Opt for a bedazzled dress to keep it comfy and simple, read: sequins are a must, but a dress is far easier than a multi-garment outfit. Add in a clutch or crossbody bag that won’t detract from your outfit and you’re ready to ring in the New Year!

Evening Dinner Date

If you’re spending the evening with your S.O. or it’s your third date, you want to make sure to be festive (yes, wear glitz on your date) while still being appropriate for a restaurant setting.There are plenty of ways to incorporate sequins that won’t make your date think you’re a disco ball (see look 2). Whether you opt for trousers, a skirt, or a dress, make sure to not be too revealing (i.e. mind the cleavage and the length of your skirt), bring a cardigan or shawl, and go ahead and wear those new sparkly pumps. You’re not walking the streets, so your comfortable shoes don’t need to make an appearance tonight. Show your date a good time and look cute, it is New Years after all!

Bar Hopping

If you know you will be migrating from location to location on NYE this year, it’s in your best interest to dress warm! When I say warm, I simply mean DO NOT HAVE BARE LEGS; you will hate yourself by bar 3. I suggest opting for an embellished top to have your glitz, and understated bottoms. At bars, no one ever looks at your bottom half—people are too busy cheering, talking, buying drinks, and socializing. So why not be comfy? This includes your shoe choice too. There is no reason to kill yourself in 5inch heels if you’re bar hopping; choose a lower heel or even flats so you won’t need to be “that girl” walking down the sidewalk barefoot, heels in hand. As for your bag of choice: a crossbody will be your best friend. They’re small, lightweight, and since you don’t have to hold it there is no need to fret about putting down your bag somewhere and forgetting it.

Have fun, be safe, drink responsibly (if you’re over 21), and have a Happy New Years everyone!

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