The #1 Anti-Aging Tip That Isn’t Available in Stores

Sleep ?

My #1 anti-aging tip for everyone this weekend is to get more Zzz’s. I know we had a super short work week and all, but short work week = me off my sleep schedule game like woah. Anyone with me there?

Whenever you’re off your normal sleep schedule, do you notice how much more exhausted you look and feel? Dark circles plague you for days…slight bags develop at the bottom of those, making you (and everyone around you) aware of how tired you really feel. Sure, drinking water helps, but your whole body feels like dirt. Not to mention the foul mood that sets the tone for your day…lol or maybe that’s just me who gets as cranky as a toddler who’s missed nap time ?

Sleep more because there’s nothing quite like that feeling of a well-rested you ?‍♀️ It’s something I know we’re all looking forward to, babes ? #sleepiswellness #sleepisselfcare #sleepislife

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