Tatcha Indigo Night Repair

I received this Tatcha Overnight Repair Cream complimentary through Influenster in exchange for my honest review & even though I received this full size product as PR, I never hold back my honesty b/c when you have #sensitiveAFskin sharing a bs review helps no one ⚡️ I have always wanted to try Tatcha’s products but b/c of my sensitivities, haven’t been able to b/c so many items in their lineup contain fragrance and/or coconut ingredients – except this one 😈 so was super excited to have had this opportunity 🖤

Forewarning: I definitely think I’m in the minority when it comes to opinions on this Indigo Overnight Repair – it’s a “serum in cream” formula and has a beautiful texture, contains no fragrance (my personal preference), and while so many ppl are loving this (based on reviews) I’m not the biggest fan b/c it made me break out a bit 🙈

I’m typically very hesitant to try skincare that has dimethicone on the ingredient list. Why? In the silicone family, it typically adds to the slippage of a product and makes our skin look smoother than it actually is (think: makeup primers), and I want to be able to see the results vs see the maybe faux-results. My innate skepticism aside, I was thrilled to have tried it b/c in typical Tatcha fashion, this product was such a luxurious experience: the packaging invited you in, the jar itself is beautiful weight-y glass with a pretty little gold scooper. But, I didn’t see the results it claims to have 😔 again, I have suuuper sensitive clog-prone skin, so am not the majority of ppl’s skin type – if this fits in your budget at $88 per jar, I suggest you give it a try and see for yourself 🤗

Quick takes on my time using it:

    ✨ used this cream for a little over 2 weeks
    ✨ no immediate reaction (I.e. no rash, stinging, etc)
    ✨ I definitely have an uptick in acne/breakouts across my skin tho 😔
    ✨ I will be discontinuing it starting today and will keep you posted on improvements
    NOTE: this was the only item I’ve changed in my routine – everything else used in my routines (both day and night) are my mainstays (been using 9months or more without reaction)
    ✨ unfortunately #MyIndigoRepair journey wasn’t as I was hoping 😣 BUT knowing how ridiculously sensitive and clog prone my skin is, you may very well have a different experience 🖤

Product photo taken by me using my iPhone XS with the Moment Telephoto lens

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