Smoking is bad (for your skin) m’kay?

Since I quit my brief stint as a cigarette smoker in college, I saw a near-immediate difference in my skin. I know this may sound oddly specific, but I was typically a 4-5 cigarette-a-day, any more and I would feel nauseous. The 3 years I smoked, I definitely noticed differences in my skin: dryness, clogged pores where the smoke would hit my face, more pronounced lines…Now, I’ll be honest: when I was a smoker, I was ages 19-21 in college…years we are not particularly kind to our bodies. ⠀

Newfound freedom from parents (at least for me) = increased alcohol consumption, late nights and little sleep, irregular eating habits, less frequently done laundry, stress from balancing school + internships + new friends + part-time jobs + navigating a new city, and the introduction of a smoking habit to round that shitty list out. I didn’t have the best balance – or any balance – and my skin showed that. ⠀

This post isn’t meant to be a PSA about smoking, but to highlight some of smoking’s effects and pull back the curtain on a myriad of other lifestyle choices that impact our skin and biome too. Our skin is a reflection of our overall health, from hydration levels, digestion issues, stress, sleep (and lack of), hormonal imbalances, and even the surfaces it touches – ever notice you had a pimple or two pop up on the side of your face after sleeping on a dirty pillow case?⠀

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P.S. – the part I hate the most about this original IG post image…the caption, in French: “a woman, a cigarette, incorrigibly sexy.” Ew. The last time I thought cigarettes were sexy was when I was 17 and my high school bf smoked but I didn’t. Sexy isn’t the right word…mysterious? I’m not proud of my former bad habits but I’m happy I can share them now as self reflection of how far I’ve come from those self destructive times. Self love is soooo much more rewarding in the end.

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