Laid Back Looks: Fall Fashions

Holiday planning, holiday shopping, work, kids, school, final exams, presentations…sound familiar? With everyone’s schedules on overdrive this month, I thought now would be a good time to share a few laid-back outfit ideas. Being busy leaves little energy to put thought into an outfit, and with stress levels on the rise I’m sure you’d like to stay comfortable as well. Below are 3 different seasonal trends—puffer vests, over-sized sweaters, and sneaker wedges (new this year)—each styled 3 different ways. Whether you’re running to class, running errands, or have a low-key date, I’ve got you covered:

Puffer Vest

With this voluminous topper, make sure to balance out your look with a more tailored bottom. I chose to pair each look with a skinny jean to accentuate the body since the vest hides your true shape. I typically think of puffer vests as a no-fuss outer layer to throw on for running to class, running errands, or running with your dog. That’s why each of the above outfits are paired with jeans—it’s a casual outerwear garment that should be treated as such! The first two looks (one paired with a black hoodie + flat chelsea boots, the other paired with a raglan style sweater + flat knee high boots) are appropriate for casual day-wear, visiting friends, running errands, etc. The last of the three looks is still a casual look, but it shows that you put a bit more thought into your outfit with color-coordination and pairing with a chic heeled bootie. I find the last look appropriate for a daytime date or grabbing coffee with a girlfriend downtown.

Over-Sized Cardigans

This comfy staple sweater presents the same issue as a puffer vest: it hides your shape. Depending on your size it may even overwhelm your frame entirely (petite ladies beware). Despite the risk, an over-sized sweater presents just as much versatility as it does warmth and comfort. To ensure that you’re not lost in fabric I’ve paired each sweater with a bottom that will show off your body rather than hide it. 1. Colored Skinny Jeans, 2. Printed Skinny Jeans, 3. High-waisted Skirt + optional tights. Look 1 is casual enough for everyday wear, look 2 is cute for a date-night to your favorite restaurant and a movie, and look 3 is appropriate for office wear. You could also pair an over-sized cardigan with a knee-length, or midi-length, dress. Make sure that the dress is fitted (even bodycon if that suits your shape) to avoid adding extra volume underneath the sweater that can be confused with extra volume added to you. If pairing with a dress, avoid a maxi length too, to ensure you’re not engulfed in fabric. The idea for styling an over-sized cardigan is to be comfortable and look effortlessly chic and put together—NOT to look like a Mary Kate mess.

Wedge Sneakers

While I have been debating whether or not to invest in this trend for months, I think that these sneakers are the ultimate way to add a little height and sass while still looking effortless (they are sneakers after all!). I chose to pair each shoe with the corresponding outfits for specific reasons. 1. A solid blue shoe is a statement—I chose to pair it with a multicolored sweater so they won’t overpower the outfit. If you have a single tone sneaker wedge, try to look for a sweater that has your shoe’s color as an accent. This will avoid a matchy-matchy look. 2. If your particular pair of sneaker wedges is multi-toned, opt for a simple black and white (or tan and brown) look to avoid an eyesore of color. I chose a few dresses: a T-shirt dress (to wear with a black skinny belt to define your shape), a sweater dress, and a simple cotton swing cut dress. Each is a simple, casual, comfortable dress that would look effortless with the red and black kicks. Add a slim-fitting black jacket to tie your whole look together. 3. These are the perfect shoes to wear to your yoga class and still feel somewhat appropriate to run errands afterwards with no need to change! Yes, they’re still an athletic-inspired shoe, but the extra boost in height will make you forget they’re a casual shoe.

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  1. The sneaker wedges are literally all over Copenhagen, are they getting popular in the US as well? The second look is super Danish haha. I thought they were ridiculous at first but after seeing how versatile they actually are, I really like them.

    1. Yes, they’ve gotten quite popular in the US! & are you referring to the over-sized cardigan look?

      1. oh I meant the second sneaker wedge look. Black + white with a little bit of burgandy, olive green, or navy blue are the only colors that seem to be allowed in Copenhagen haha. 🙂

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