Beautiful Skin Requires Consistency

It took me a loooong time to realize the power of consistency, commitment and routines. I hit puberty at the super-not-ready-for-it age of 10 – I had no idea wtf was going on, let alone know about a beauty routine. My skin was all over the place with these newfound hormones – scalp issues came into play, spiked oil production made my face a hot mess, and I had body acne popping up in the least expected areas (anyone else experience this too?). ⠀

As I rolled into my teenage years, I had already gone through a few iterations of routines: Proactiv, Clearasil, Stridex pads, Clean&Clear…all super harsh and all made the process to finding a routine much worse. My mom saw me struggling and got me a trial size of her Clinique routine – better but still meh, (this was my first hint that showed me my skin hated fragrances products since Clinique is fragrance free)⠀

Over and over I tried to treat just my face, and it wasn’t until a radical shakeup in other aspects of my life did I realize: I think what I’m eating is impacting my face. I went hardcore vegan in college and my oh my it did WONDERS for my skin – and over time I realized the hormonal connection to my breakouts, stress connections to my breakouts, and of course, the impacts if I didn’t wash my face too. As I was transitioning out of being full vegan, I could see my skin reactions to all of the foods as I reintroduced fish and certain types of dairy – cow milk broke me out among *ahem* other reactions lol while salmon made my skin glowy and plump.⠀

Yes, “beautiful skin” requires a commitment, but it requires a commitment to so many other things that aren’t talked about holistically – a skincare routine may be all that some folks need (you lucky babes!!) but there are some folks like myself who need a stepped-up commitment involving a skincare regimen + clean eating + meditation + vitamins/supplements…know that there is no one trick pony for flawless skin, but there is a solution for everyone ???⠀

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